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All in 1 Hooper Complete Kit

Product Code: 17093-Kit

$855.00 $775.00 NEW

All in 1 Hooper Kit – Save Space, Time and Money

The All in 1 Hooper is an innovative, simple to use and complete hooping device.  Designed to hoop a variety of garment sizes, the All in 1 Hooper has five boards incorporated into one unit including Adult, Adult XL, Junior, Toddler, Infant and Sleeve boards.  Each board operates independently to adjust to the size required.

The All in 1 boards have color-coded placement stickers of men’s & women’s sizes to easily target location of garment size. The unit is simple to use and job placement cards, included in the kit, makes repeat orders easy to identify recorded alignment locations.

The Leveler Pro and Sleeve Board Pro universal hoop brackets are standard with the All in 1 Hooper. The Leveler Pro is a quick change, tubular leveling device for all hoop sizes. When mounted on the All in 1 Hooper, you can be assured perfect placement every time without measuring or marking your garments.

The All in 1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment and hoop size without having to purchase additional boards or attachments.  It ships fully assembled and complete with everything you need to hoop your embroidery items.

One Device Really Does It All!