GATOR Clamping System

GATOR Clamping System - For use on single head embroidery machines only.

The GATOR Clamp is simple, strong and efficient to use. The adjustable sliding arms allow a wide variety for embroidery positions up to 13 inches wide. The patented grip pad will hold any material as thin as a sheet of paper up to 1/4" thick. The grip pad is designed to let the operator pull the material away from the sewing field but will not allow the material to slip back, therefore keeping the material tight for embroidery.

No tools are required for mounting, just remove the sewing arms and replace with the GATOR Clamp. The GATOR Clamping system is simple in design and function but is engineered to withstand the commercial environment.

Use on bags, totes, blankets, towels, pants, shirts and many other materials. 

GATOR products are proudly MADE IN THE USA