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T-Bar Adjustable Framing Gauge

Product Code: EMS-599775


The T-Bar Adjustable Framimg Gauge is designed to work with the Gen 2 Cap Frame and the Compact Back of Cap Clamp. 

The T-Bar Tensioning Arm allows the operator to press down and stretch the front panels of the cap flat against the top surface of the gauge. When the cap and stabilizer are smoothly stretched against on the framing gauge the Gen 2 Cap Frame can be latched to securely lock the cap and backing into place. Now the Cap Frame can be removed fron the T-Bar Adjustable Framing Gauge and mounted on the embroidery machine.

Take the frustration out of  framing caps! The T-Bar Adjustable Framing Gauge will save you time and money with its simple and fast process. Even inexperienced operators can quickly frame a cap tight and keep your projects on track!