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Tajima Thread Tension Gauge

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Tajima Thread Tension Gauge

Are you frustrated with thread breaks, loopy stitches or bobbin thread pulling through to the top of your embroidery designs? The genuine Tajima upper thread tension gauge guides you to adjust your machine tension to a consistent thread setting.

Follow these basic instructions to use the Tajima thread tension gauge:

  • First, read the instructions provided with the Tajima tension gauge to set the gauge to "Zero Position Adjustment" then proceed to measuring the upper thread tension.
  • Pull a generous amount of thread through your embroidery machine presser foot.  Approximately 6 inches should be good.
  • Wrap the thread around the tension gauge hook about two turns.
  • Hold the tension gauge with the numbers facing up and pull horizontally toward you. 
  • The tension value of the thread is measured in grams. Typically, Polyester thread tension range is 110-150 grams and Rayon thread tension range is 100-130 grams.
Once your thread tensions are set, it is best to run sample tests on your embrodery machine.